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Mike Yeager's Blog

Thursday, July 05, 2007
Viva Las Vegas

I recently met a very good friend in Vegas for a couple of days of getting away from it all. Vegas continues to astound me. As many times as I've been there I've found that, it's a little different each time and yet, it never seems to change. You still can't walk down the street without seeing SOMEONE dressed up as Elvis, passing by a wedding chapel and seing an advertisement for Wayne Newton's show. This time we stayed at the recently renovated Golden Nugget. It really was nice and it still had $5 blackjack tables - something you'll be hard-pressed to find down on the strip where even a table with a $10 minimum bet is hard to come by. We had a LOT of fun. We ate at the buffet, played slots, played hours of blackjack. We even played a few hands of a blackjack variant that I still don't understand, though I managed to win a hand with an 8-to-1 payoff somehow. At one point we met a very nice couple playing craps and the young lady was kind enough to teach us how to play.

Las Vegas is still unique, even with all of the casinos springin up all over the country. My wife and I recently went to Atlantic City while on a trip to visit my family and there really is no comparison. We ate at a buffet, we saw Elvis, and and advertisement for Wayne Newton, but it was different. I pulled a quarter out of my pocket in Atlantic City to drop into a slot machine only to realize that Atlantic City is all-paper now. You can't even put a quarter in a machine anymore. Most machines would only accept a $5 bill or higher. How's that! Las Vegas was happy to take my quarters, nickels, pennies, $100 bills and whatever else I could produce. We saw the light show, we went down to the strip, we did NOT ride the Stratosphere (I did that on another occasion and scared myself quite enough to last a lifetime thank you very much).

I can only take Las Vegas a couple of days at a time, but if you're looking to get away from it all, you can't beat Las Vegas. I can't imagine any place farther away from "it all".

Posted @ 9:46 AM by Yeager, Mike E. (myeager@eps-software.com) - Comments (61)

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