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Thursday, March 27, 2008
Attention all VFP developers who want (or need) to learn .Net

EPS Software is having an event in Houston May 1&2 for VFP Developers to get acquainted with .Net. There's even a bonus session for those considering the migration of an existing project. Following that is a week of courses in intensive .Net Architecture and Framework use focusing on the Milos Solution Platform called Milos University. It's designed to show best practices, proper architecture, etc. I'll save that for another post... Here are the specifices if you're interested... I know I'll be there.

You can now register online for either (or both) of two powerful, back-to-back training events by EPS -- the world leader in VFP to .NET migrations, and a leading developer of advanced frameworks for enterprise .NET software.

EVENT ONE: On May 1 - 2 (a Thursday and Friday) EPS Software Corp. will host the first of two unparalleled training opportunities: an intensive course, .NET Development for VFP Developers -- with a special view toward VFP to .Net migration, a task many companies are contemplating, if indeed they haven't already started.

The evening of the first day is a Bonus Session on the Strategy of VFP Migrations, with much information accessible also to nontechnical business managers. It will be a detailed overview, based on best practices and real world experience, of the optimal way to transition a mission critical application from any version of FoxPro to .NET and SQL server.

EVENT TWO: On May 5 - 9, Markus Egger and Claudio Lassala, both .NET MVPs, present MILOS University, a one-week seminar on advanced .Net development using the Milos Solution Platform, EPS's advanced modular framework and "component store" for building enterprise applications. This training is not just for Milos licensees! Building powerful enterprise applications with Milos is based on deep insights into Object Oriented architecture and flexible, maintainable enterprise systems, so the training provided is relevant to anyone who is interested in a higher level of .NET skills. A free Bonus Event is a penetrating real-world look into where .NET is now, and where it is going: the "State of the .NET Union."

You can attend either of these events, or both. "Combo pricing" is available, and special discounts will be offered to EPS software development or consulting services clients. The training will be at EPS's office in the Houston, TX area. Details of the agenda and registration information are provided in the attached PDFs.

If you, your staff or colleagues are interested in either of these events, please register at your soonest. Space is limited, and pre-announcement interest has been strong. Online registration at: http://www.vfpconversion.com/Training.aspx

Posted @ 2:57 PM by Yeager, Mike E. (myeager@eps-software.com) - Comments (1469)

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